The Ideal Length of Everything You Write Online ( Infographic)

Want maximum reach, likes, and shares, but don’t know how long your content should be? Discover the ideal length for everything you write online:

    • I’m writing a book right now! It’s about three Orphan kids, an alley girl, a rich boy, and a very smart pig!

    • Modern education has left people unable to comprehend complicated ideas or thought so this does indeed make sense.

    • Twitter is 140 characters. If you use 5 letter words then you would have approximately 28 words. If you read closely you would know that it says 40-45 words for paragraphs. Paragraphs are supposed to be 4-5 sentences. That would be about 8 words in a sentence.

    • Twitter says 100 characters vs paragraphs say 40-45 words. If each word were 5 characters long that would mean 200-225 characters per paragraph.

      That’s more than double the advised character count for paragraphs over tweets.

      Also, I understand that your comment is old and you probably figured this out already. I figured other people who read your comment would appreciate the clarification.

    • Those are words not characters for a paragraph.
      A character is a single letter, number, punctuation mark.

  • I always write a blog post around 1200 words but from now i am trying to write 2000 words long blog post

  • Usually, I do not like to be limited in what I write. But when I have to work with Internet sites there is no other choice but to follow their rules.
    As practice shows, excellent text can fit in a Twitter post.

  • I am terrible at using punctuation. Everything is a run on sentence, I get confused a lot. Any suggestions on how to get better?

  • wow. This serves a good one for me to make use of in my blog now. I will focus more on writing up to 1600 words

  • nothing related to this post but .. as suggestion if you can add a plagiarism tool in your wordcount that would make it more useful

  • I have copied and pasted my unpublished blog post to get the count, and it says 1677 words and I still have 400 to 500 words to set up the blog post. but thanks to you guys who save my time and increased my knowledge. Later, when I publish my blog post, I will mention the permalink here. Thanks once again and keep up the good work.

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