12 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block

Writer’s block hits us all at some point. There are days when we sit in front of our computers and words just start pouring on to the page, but then there are other times when everything is a struggle. We can’t get more than a sentence or two into it without feeling frustrated. Writer’s block can last for hours, days, weeks, months, and some famous authors have stated it has lasted for them for years!

Living a writer’s life can be a bit lonely. We are holed up in our rooms with just the voices of our characters in our heads. A writer can be a bit of a lone wolf. But they need to venture out now and then. Being alone for so much time is not good for anyone. There are quite a few ways to experiment with when overcoming writer’s block. Look at the list below and see which one will work the best for you.

1. Take a Nap

The world just seems to be a better place after a nap. As a writer, sometimes you write so much that it feels like your brain is about ready to pour out of your ears. You need a little bit of a break. There is nothing like a two hour nap that will make you feel more refreshed. A reinvigorated writer is a better writer!

2. Send the Writing to a Friend

Writer’s block can often be cured by someone with a new perspective. Ask a friend what they would add to the story or article. Post on social media that you need an idea about some sort of subject, and watch all the comments come flying in. Most of the replies may be garbage, but there might be one that sticks out that you can actually do something with.

3. Go on a Trip

Writers are notorious for being in their rooms for long periods of time. Even if you are an introvert, getting out of the house to go on a short trip can energize you. You don’t have to travel to another state or even another city. You could go visit a friend that you haven’t seen for awhile. Grab a lunch with someone and have a couple drinks. Go see a movie in the theaters and sneak in as much food as possible. Check out the new museum in town that is getting rave reviews.

4. Go to the Library

Just because you are having a difficult time writing does not mean that you wouldn’t enjoy a good book. The library is the perfect place to lose yourself for a couple hours. It can take your mind off of your struggles, and perhaps provide inspiration for your own writing. Some day your books will be on their shelves, too!

5. Create an Outline for Your Writing

Whether you are writing a novel or just doing an article, creating an outline can help guide you along the way. Your outline can be broken into sequential topics or chapters. Once you finish one, start on the next. Remember though, the outline is just an outline for your final draft. If you need to add more sections to it once you are doing the actual writing, then add more! Nothing is set in stone.

6. Find a Muse

We always hear how various authors will have a muse that inspires them in their lives at certain points. Maybe you need a muse to break the writer’s block? If you are single, ask someone out on a date. Maybe they can get your creative juices flowing. If you are not single, do not ask anyone out on a date. That could be a very bad thing and the least of your worries would be about your writer’s block. But still, a muse could be the person working down at the local pizzeria, a family member, a kid, or even your pet.

7. Write in a Different Place

If you have writer’s block and can’t think of a thing to write, grab your laptop and head out the door. Maybe a park or a cafe can provide you with a new enough setting that your creativity will be on overload. Just be ready for curious people to ask you what you are writing.

8. Go for a Run

Maybe you are thinking to yourself that you do not like exercising, and you definitely hate running. It is time to live outside of the box. Here is the science about exercise helping you to think more clearly. A strenuous workout will have your body producing lactic acid. In turn, that lactic acid will turn into lactate. Lactate is used in the body for energy. During your workout and immediately following it, the blood running to your brain will have increased lactate in it. This is what enables you to think more clearly after a tough workout. Does this mean it will cure your writer’s block? It couldn’t hurt!

9. Go Crazy

Now I don’t mean that you should jump into your car and start smashing into mailboxes. I mean that you should go out and act a bit silly. Go jump in a lake, as long as it is not full of pollution. Stop by a mover’s truck and ask if they need any free help for the next hour. Hang out in a supermarket and eat all of their free samples. Cut your grass wearing nothing but short shorts. Do something that you would not ordinarily do. Acting a bit crazy can be a good thing. Crazy people always seem to have a lot of ideas and are quite interesting!

10. Visit an Elementary Classroom

Teachers love to have guest presenters to pawn their students off on for an hour. I am teacher, so I know these things. If the presenter has something valuable to teach the students, then even better. Since you are a writer, teach the students about writing! Ask the students what they like to write about. Tell them about the problem you are having. Maybe they will be able to give you some advice. Teaching young kids about writing can definitely fill you with ideas. Your number one idea will probably be about how lucky you are that you are not an everyday school teacher.

11. Have a Few Drinks

Some of the very best writers in history were alcoholics. Does the alcohol help with the writing? Who is to say. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t. William Faulkner was one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, and was an alcoholic. Ernest Hemingway was one of the best writers of all time, and was also an extremely heavy drinker. Now I’m not saying to drive down to your local bar and drink until you can’t stand anymore. But heading on out with a few friends for a couple responsible beverages cannot hurt anything. Could it cure your writer’s block? Possibly.

12. Release the Endorphins

Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that lead to feelings of happiness and even euphoria. Releasing endorphins is a definite stress reliever and can be quite the cure for writer’s block. Eating chocolate can set those endorphins free. Exercise is definitely a way to increase endorphin production. Ginseng is a herb that has been proven to increase endorphins as well. However, the number one most fun way to release more endorphins is to have sex. Whether it be sex with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, or just a “visit” to your local Asian massage parlor. Your endorphins will be flowing like crazy.

  • Look, this is all very very good advise but I have no Idea what to write! I just want to explode! So could someone please help Me think of something?

    • How about a story regarding a police car chasing a robber across the city? What if the policeman (or woman) befriends the robber?

    • It depends on what genre you want to go with, but I find “what if…” questions are the best way to go. If you’re into sci-fi/fantasy, these will be more extravagant questions; if you are into dystopia, these can have more political implications; if you are into mystery, these can be based of a case you could research and add your own twist to it! I won’t go through all the genres, but take your own interests and knowledge bases into account, and see what twists or commentaries your imagination can come up with!

      Once you have your what if… question(s) set, you can think of answers: this will start the outline of your plot, or at least the setting it will take place in. Next you will need to design the characters that will compliment, challenge, and shape the world you created, and they will ultimately show the answers to all your ‘what ifs’.

      Hope that helps you get started!

    • Sometimes it’s just a good idea to think about yourself, then put all the good characteristics you have, (and maybe a few bad ones) into a character! Then think about a dream you have, a muse, a friend, troubles worries, and turn those into the plot, it sounds weird now, but who knows? It might just make a perfect story!

      • I am doing that with a character in my book, it is really fun to make different situations and have my character do something wild that I would never do in real life but maybe I want to.

    • Cool! do you have an older sister or a best friends you look up to? Right about them, and why you look up to them, and have you and her go on an adventure! Hope that helps! 🙂


    • Have someone die, its always exiting when one of the important characters die, and the other characters have to figure out how to work around it!

  • Look, this is all very very good advise but I have no Idea what to write! I just want to explode! So could someone please help Me think of something?

  • I always find myself hitting writers block! Would anyone mind helping me? Im writing a book about cats that live in the wild, and i need MANY ideas to help get off writers block! Please comment away!

    • Maybe you could have your cats be visited by a bobcat who wants to claim the territory, but refuses to be polite or at least civil about it, and have your cats figure out how to get the bobcat out of their territory, or maybe have them befriend the bobcat, or even have them fight the bobcat away with a warning not to come back, or they’ll attack relentlessly.

    • how about you talk about how they are different from cats in our houses and talk about their differences

    • Replying over a year late, but- there are these hunters to need to kill the cats, because there’s a very prominent rumor that missing jewels have been planted inside of their spines. The cats need to both escape, and find the jewels, because they know the jewels aren’t inside of them, and if they can offer the jewels to the hunters somehow, they’ll be safe.

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