Words That End in the Letter Q

Words that end in Q

When it comes to uncommon words, one set that fits that bill are words which end with the letter “q”. Chances are you can’t come up with more than a couple of words which end in q. The good news is there are likely more of these words than you imagined exist, but the reality is there aren’t a whole lot of them.

If you’re searching this question, there’s a good chance you are here because you’re searching for words for Scrabble or other word games. Since there are a number of words that end with a “q” but aren’t allowed in Scrabble, we’ll begin by listing those that cam be played in the game.

Words Ending in Q (Scrabble Allowed)

3 Letter Words

Suq: A variant of the word souk which is another name for a street market in Arab cities.

5 Letter Words

Qepiq: A monetary unit used in Azerbaijan: 100 Qepiq is equal to 1 manat.
Talaq: A divorce method found within Islamic law.
Tranq: An abbreviated form of the word tranquilizer.
Umiaq: A boat created by Inuits which is made by stretching animal skins.

7 Letter Words

Inupiaq: the language of the Inupiaq people.
Tsaddiq: A spiritual leader in the Hebrew language.
Tzaddiq: A spelling variation of the word Tsaddiq.

While the above are words that can be used in word games like Scrabble, they aren’t the only words that end in the letter “q”. There are a number of place names which end with this letter. Below is a list of places ending in “q”

Places Ending in Q

Abqaiq: A gated community with oil-processing facilities located in Saudi Arabia.
Bene Beraq: (also spelled Bnei Brak) The third-largest city in Israel.
Iraq: A country located in the Middle East
Kangiqsualjjuaq: An Inuit village located in Quebec, Canada.
Kuujjuaq: The largest northern Intuit village in Nunavik, Quebec, Canada.
Pontacq: A commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department located in south-western France.
Sadiq: A city located in India.

In addition to places, there are a number of abbreviations which end with “q” which may be seen in writing but aren’t allowed to be used in word games like Scrabble. A few of these words follow:

Abbreviations Ending in Q

CQ: The beginning radio transmission call letters when a message is intended for all receivers.
GHQ: An abbreviation for the words “general headquarters”.
GQ: An abbreviation for the magazine “Gentlemen’s Quarterly”.
.mq: The letters used for Martinique internet addresses.
Unq: An abbreviation for the word “unnilquadium”.

Accronyms Ending in Q

IDIQ: Indefinite Quantity
OMSQ: Organizational Maintenance Squadron
ONRQ: Off-Nominal Requirement
OOTQ: Out of the Question
ORDQ: Order Qualification
OTAQ: Office of Transportation and Air Quality

These are currently the words we’re aware of that end with the letter “q”. If you know of other words missing from this list, please leave a comment so we can add any that should be included. We’d like this to be the most comprehensive list and hope with your help to achieve that goal.

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  • I’m actually surprised at the number of words that end with Q. I came here thinking there may be a handful of these type of Q words, but was surprised that there were more than I anticipated. It would be good to keep these in hand when I’m playing games like Scrabble. I can’t wait to play the word “Suq” one of these days, and hopefully some of the longer words as well.

    • Q must be one of the most difficult letters to use in the alphabet but this sure showed a few new words to use. Thank you for the effort. You sure do learn something new each day.

  • People who play word games will love this list. If you play Scrabble and have ever been stuck with a Q, knowing these could be a life saver. I’ve already memorized all the words listed for my next games and can’t wait until I have a chance to use one of them.

    • That’s exactly why I came to this article. I have a big Scrabble game coming up this weekend and I wanted to memorize a bunch of Q words in the hope that it will help me during the game. Thanks for the great list of words.

  • A lot of words I didn’t know about, but yeah, as I expected, most are not English in origin. This would be good for Scrabble, but not much else. They are not really words that I would ever find myself using in regular life, but still pretty interesting.

  • So this will be so useful next time the word games are taken out to be played. Q has always been such a difficult letter to use but this sure helps a lot. I didn’t even know there were so many.

  • There’s a few Australian places named after an engineer or politician called “Dumaresq”. Dumaresq River, Shire, Road, Street, Island spread out within NSW I think. Maybe there are others too?

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