Why Are the Golden State Warriors Called the Dubs?

why are the Warriors called the dubs?
If you’re a basketball fan but aren’t too familiar with the Golden State Warriors, you may be a bit confused by their nickname. If you look in the stands at the signs the fans display at Golden State Warrior games or listen to commentators talking about the team, you will soon realize that the team is known as “the Dubs” and the fans as “DubNation.”

Why are the Golden State Warriors called the Dubs?

The Warriors are called “the Dubs” in a truncated pronunciation of the “W” of Warriors

The Dubs is one of those nicknames or terms that doesn’t seem to make much sense when you first hear or see it. In fact, one of the reasons you’re likely reading this article is because you couldn’t figure out why the Warriors are called that on your own. While it may at first appear strange, once you realize where it comes from, it makes a lot more sense.

The nickname began in the 1990’s when younger fans decided to shorten the word “Warriors” when referring to the team. Instead of pronouncing the team’s full name, some fans began to refer to the team as the “W’s”. “W” soon was changed from its proper pronunciation to “dub-a-u,” which then was further shortened to just “dub.” As the team became more popular with the younger generation using this slang to describe the team, the term caught on with the general public, and the team began to refer to themselves in this manner as well. So while The Dubs may seem a little strange at first, it’s simply a shortening of the team name “Warriors” over time.

Why are the Warriors fans called Dub Nation?

Dub Nation is how fans refer to themselves as a collective whole. If you’re a Golden State Warriors fan, then you are part of the Dub Nation. Since it was the fans who originally came up with the nickname of the Dubs for the Warriors, they also began to call themselves by the same term. Instead of calling themselves “The Warrior Nation,” the fans use the same abbreviation for “Warriors” and began to call themselves the “Dub Nation.”

Why are the Warriors called the doves?

The Warriors and their fans don’t refer to themselves as the doves, although people thinking they call themselves “the doves” is a common misconception. The reason this happens isn’t too difficult to surmise. Since there is a similar pronunciation between the words “Dub” and “Dove,” it makes sense that the two words could get mixed up. This is especially true sine “Dub” isn’t a normal word in the English language, so many people likely mishear it as the closest real word they know, which happens to be “dove.”

Why are the Warriors called The City?

When the Warriors first moved to the west coast in 1962, the were located in San Francisco and were called the San Francisco Warriors. “The City” logo was created in the years before they moved across the San Francisco Bay and renamed themselves the Golden State Warriors. “The City” refers to San Francisco even though the Warriors currently are located in Oakland (but will be moving to a new stadium there soon).

“The City” logo uniforms were brought back in the mid-2000s as a throwback uniform. They’re iconic for the area, look good, and most importantly, sell well as merchandise. Since they are one of the most popular logos for fans, the Warriors use this throwback uniform on a regular basis these days.

Why do the Warriors rub their arms?

The Golden State Warriors have a unique 3-point celebration. If you watch the Warriors bench (and now many of the fans in the crowd as well) you will often see them make a 3-point gesture that might not make sense at first sight. The bench (and crowd) will stand up and point their arm toward the sky making an “okay” sign (thumb and pointer finger in a circle with the other three fingers sticking out), then take their other hand and begin to rub it up and down along the outstretched arm.

The gesture is supposed to represent a shotgun being fired and then reloaded. It’s the team’s way of showing approval toward the 3-point shooting ability of their teammates, and acknowledging that the players are “locked and loaded” and ready to score. The gesture originated on the warriors bench from Shaun Livingston, who brought it with him when he joined the Warriors. It stuck, and it now can be seen many times throughout most Warriors games.

  • Thank you for this. I must be getting old. I’ve been wondering about this since the beginning of the season when I started to watch the Golden State Warriors again after living overseas for about 15 years. I had no idea what they were talking about when they kept calling them the Dubs. it makes a lot more sense now.

    • You are going to be hearing a lot more about the dubs now that Kevin Durant is part of the team. It’s going to be an exciting year to watch the Warriors play, and this may eventually be a team of the century. Enjoy watching them play!

      • Team of the century? They have trouble with the Celts, who don’t even have Hayward back.. actually the Celtics are better than anyone thought. L ETS see who can run with them in a long series..

  • This is literally the stupidest nickname in all of sports. Seriously, how can anyone think that “dubs” is a cool nickname? I cringe every time I hear it. Be proud of the name Warriors and stop acting like 5 year olds that can’t pronounce words correctly!

    • Probably a San Antonio or OKC fan that is butthurt at the fact that their team has no chance of beating the Dubs!

    • You have no idea what you are saying… I’d to be just as lame if I wasn’t from the bay. Lol

    • seriously agree with scott.

      I am a southbay resident and seriously this pisses me off. Perhaps a reflection of the not so educated and “pop culture” adopting a name without questioning it but just following the trend (just like apple fans) it became this crap. uhhhh. humanity is inevitably going towards “idiotcracy” 🙁

  • Lebron, “Heyy Steph how about you come to Cleveland and we can start something reaal special na mean?”
    “Heyy how about if I go over to Cali?”
    Lebron, “Heyyy Kawhi ol buddy ol pal”

  • They’re called the dubs because all the do is have “W” after each game they play! They are the best team in the NBA.

  • The Golden State Warriors are highly overrated and aren’t likely to win the championship this year. They got lucky with an easy schedule in 2015 and teams are playing rope a dope with them a the moment. These “dubs” are going to go down.

    • Haha idiot — we about to break the record. What u have to say now? Haters I swear stop drinking that haterade

    • 73-9. What do you have to say about the Dubs now? The best regular season record ever. Now tell me they are overrated!

    • Excuse me but that is not true. They may be a little overrated but if they can make 73 wins a season they truly represent greatness. And yes I know we can’t dwell on the 73 wins for long. Steph curry being the great player broke his heart we record within 1 year. That’s not something to dwell on either. But to make a point this season was their season and they have the potential, inspiring the future generations of nba. So Steve get your thoughts straight and rethink what u just said. (I am a warriors fan, not being Bierce)

  • People don’t realize what they are witnessing with the dubs at the moment. This is like the Bulls of lore. his team is going to be talked about decades down the road and the new generations won’t believe the stories being told bout them. Good thing there is video of everything. Go Dubs!

    • Yes! It’s been an incredible regular season and the playoffs are likely to be the same. We’re watching basketball history!

  • It’s only old people that don’t get this nickname. Anyone that is culturally relevant understands it perfectly and has no problem with it. It’s just like the old generation thinking that they are better old teams better than the dubs. They are just out of touch with the reality of today and the best team in basketball ever!

  • I’m fairly “old” as you put it, and I like the name “Dubs”. I just wasn’t sure where it originated from. I am proud to be part of “Dub Nation” and I AM ‘culturally relevant’ too!. Try not to be such a jerk!! Geez!!!

  • Thank you for this explanation. I recently started following the Golden State Warriors due to their attempt to reach 73 wins in a season. I kept on hearing the team called “the Dubs” and I had no idea what the announcers were talking about I now understand. It makes a whole lot more sense now.

  • It’s just creativity. Try not too be such a jerk. No offense but seriously. The coaches don’t have a problem. Neither does the team so being the chair member and coach you are u don’t deserve to be able to post a comment like that

  • Might as well crown this group of warrior the champions or the next few years. The Dubs are going to be the team every other NBA team is chasing for years to come. It just seems unfair how good they are, but it’s pure joy to watch!

  • Ever notice how little, I mean really little kids are interested in Stephen Curry? I love it- he is an amazing role model for any kid, teenager or adult because he’s real. I think the younger (as in little kids) helped to make the Dub thing stick! It’s all good fun- I’m a Spurs fan (talk about old!) but I can appreciate what is happening with DubNation! Thanks much for the explanation.

  • The Dubs are nothing without Steph Curry. They are such an overrated team and now that he’s out, we’ll see that the team is nothing more than a mediocre team. I can’t wait to see Dub Nation wallowing in their tears and wondering why they aren’t as great as they think they are when the Golden State Warriors don’t even make it to the finals this year. Keep deluding yourselves that you’re the best team when in reality you can even match up to the teams like Oklahoma City and San Antonio this year. It’s good to be a hard fall, but it’s your own fault for drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • Everyone here is delusional. The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to smoke the Warriors this year if San Antonio or Oklahoma City don’t do it first. Everyone seems to forget that Cleveland was playing without two of its best players last year and still took it to 6 games. Where would the Dubs be if they didn’t have Curry and Thompson? Mark my words — Cleveland will be the NBA champions in 2016

    • The Cavs destroyed the Dubs in game three. The Dubs are going down badly and I can’t wait to hear you all whining about your “greatest team ever” delusion!

    • Classic!! Draymond Green just cost the Dubs the series by being the crotch kicking and hitting player he is. I can’t wait to see the Cavs beat up on the Dubs in Oracle and cry all the way back to Cleveland.

    • Like I always said, the Dubs will go down to the Cavs. Game 7 and the Dubs don’t have a chance with the momentum 100% to the Cavs. Start weeping and making excuses Warriors fans. I predicted it all along!!

  • Hahahaha — I typed in “Why are the Warriors called the Ducks” because I thought they were calling themselves “The Ducks” I had no idea what the announcers were saying since there are no ducks as part of their team or mascot. It makes a lot more sense now!

  • Hahaha — the Dubs should be called the “Ls” because they are going down to OKC Thunder. They lose the first game on their home court — they don’t have a chance. Let’s all agree just to call them the Ls from now on!!

    • But they whooped OKC ass and now they are on to clevland and they are going to beat some more ass again with clevland they only won 1 game only 1 game clevland only won 1 game golden state has won 3 game not 1 not 2 but 3 bo team has ever come back from a 3-1 defeat I dobut clevland would be that one team to come back from it.

  • “Dubs” is sort of a strange nickname for a team. I can understand why a lot of people have trouble understanding what the announcers are saying the first time they say it. And it isn’t readily apparent imo. After reading this article it makes sense, but I would have never guessed that on my own without any hints.

  • I believe there is an ‘M’ missing. It should be ‘Dumbnation’. I’m sorry Golden State and Warriors suck as words. I guess it’s too hard to say Warriors. Even Hodor can muster the command of English to say two syllables.

  • That was a disappointing finish to an otherwise incredible season for the Dubs in 2016. I just want to say congratulation to the Cavaliers for a great series and doing what needed to be done to take the championship. I look forward to many more of these matchups in the future because I think these are going to be the two dominant teams in each division for the years to come. I’m already predicting that 2017 will be the year of the Dubs!

    • You can’t be true Dubs fan if you are willing to congratulate the Cavaliers like that. Or congratulate any team other than the Warriors for that matter. Dubs fans only care about the Warriors. Nice try to act like a normal human being, but the rest of the league already knows that the dubs and their fans are the worst in the NBA. We all rejoice to their losing after all their trash talk throughout the year.

  • The Dubs become the team to beat in 2017. Everyone should stop hating on the nickname and enjoy the best team ever put together. It’s going to be a fun basketball year!

  • The 2016 – 2017 NBA season will be the beginning of the Dubs Dynasty (doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?) They are going to win the next three championships and go down as the best team in NBA history. It’s going to be a fun to be a Dubs fan the next few years!

    • I can’t wait for the 2016/2017 NBA season to begin. It’s going to be an incredible Dubs team and we’re going to see some exciting basketball. I know that football season has just started and most people aren’t thinking about basketball at this point in time, but if your Dubs fan it’s kind of hard to contain the excitement.

  • I think the Golden State Warriors should be called the “dumbs” instead of the Dubs. I mean really, how does a team that wins 73 games during the regular season lose the championship? That’s the dumbest thing in the world. I think we can all agree that we have nickname name for this team.

  • I think this is one of the worst basketball nicknames ever. I mean, it doesn’t even make sense unless you happen to know the background. The mere fact that people have to write articles about what “Dubbs” means shows that it’s not a good nickname. Nickname should be so obvious that everybody understands or they come from, and people don’t even know what the announcers are saying The time. It just seems to me that it’s a stupid nickname.

    • I have to agree with this even though I am a Golden State fan. “Dubs” really is a terrible nickname. For a franchise that’s as good as it is today, you’d think they would come up with a way to call themselves that was a little more imaginative and relevant to the entire league and not just their young fanbase.

    • Well said Dexter. They ran through the endless depth of world aphorisms and came up with the word ‘dubs’. Totally lame.

    • And the fact that you can’t even spell it right indicates you don’t know what you’re talking about, so perhaps you should learn the lore first. Tell me how “Peg” is a nickname for “Margret”, wood for a golf club, or GI for a soldier.

  • The preseason is here! I just watched the Dubs play the Sacramento Kings, and if this season goes like that game did, the rest of the league is going to be dreading facing the dubs the season. It’s going to be so much fun watching these games. I can’t wait for the regular season to begin.

  • 2017 looks like it’s going to be a great year for the Warriors. I can’t wait to watch them this season with the addition of Durant. It’s going to be a fun year!

  • The Dubs made the mistake of moving from America’s beloved team to America’s villain team. Everyone except those in the Bay Area now hope they lose spectacularly like they did in the finals. Instead of trying to get better by playing better, they tried to get better by bringing in a ringer, and nobody likes it when a team tries to do that.

  • Calling the Warriors the Dubs is a dumbing down of our collective intellect. Have we really become a society where it’s too much trouble to say three syllables so we have to truncate it to a single one?

    • And are we so intolerant as to criticize others? I think there is much more you can find to criticize that is a real, legitimate complaint.

  • My kids were running around saying this and I had no idea what they were talking about. I wish the younger generation would use proper words instead of having to abbreviate everything they say and write.

    • Barbara, if you can remember back when you were young, your generation had their own terms, slang, and abbreviations. Try to understand this generation, its no different from all those that came before.

  • The Warriors are awesome, who cares if they abbreviate the letter W with dubs the present is now, and those people who are not in Dub Nation then your just going to have to suck it up

  • If you really think about it, it’s a pretty stupid nickname for a great team. Shortening a word for ease doesn’t make it cool. I wish they had chosen something else as I really don’t like it and I’m a Warriors fan.

    • I think that its pretty stupid to disparage (or knock) someone else’s dialect or slang just because YOU don’t like it. That’s the trouble with this world, a lack of peace and tolerance. Its a really interesting story about how they got the Dubs, and makes for great lore! Personally, I like it, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t call others that use it stupid.

    • You’re a Warrior fan since when??? We’ve been Warrior fans in this Bay Area since 1962… WIN OR LOSE! Not a stupid name… perfect name. “Go DUBS,” & we are “The DUB NATION!”

  • As long as the dubs keep winning, it doesn’t really matter what they’re called beyond the best team in basketball. It’s just a nickname folks. Settle down and enjoy the show!

  • I think we should start calling them the “wins” because that all this team seems to do — win games. It’s a great time to be a Warriors fan!

    • If that’s what turns you on, then look at it this way. Dubs stands for a shortened W for Warriors. Double U. shortening this to Dub. Since there are more than one, the dubs. Now extrapolate that to your suggestion. Wins can be shortened to W as well. As we already learned, W = Double U = Dubs. Thus W for wins can also be referred to a Dubs. So if you are saying Dubs, then you are saying whatever you want to that begins with W. So in your mind, Dubs can be Wins, while in many others it can be Warriors.

  • to steve, you suck Warriors are the best team ever at this moment. You need to take back you’re comment!
    Dubs nation with Leon.

  • GO Kevin Durant, Stephan Curry,THE Golden State Warriors, and DUB NATION! Let’s make it 16-0 in the 2017 post season!!! Fingers Crossed!!! 🙂

  • Thanks for the great info everyday. If anyone has a prblm with nickname the “Dubs”,
    Choose your own and say it quietly to yourself. If you still have a prblm, then you need to take a look at this magnificent, talented team again!!!

    • The series is tied so much for the sweep, but keep hope alive and watch Golden State give the rockets a Golden Shower!!

  • Still a silly name and the explanation though understandable, leaves one wondering why society accepts a rationalization of what is otherwise total none sense.

    • Hey Ike,
      “…total none sense…” That’s “nonsense,” mate….since we’re talking about silly names and explanations…

  • They are called the Dubs to honor their fan base and it’s low collective IQ who were too lazy or dumb to pronounce the teams full name or even the letter W. They were originally given the name dumbs but had so little grasp of the English language truncated it to dubs. With their move back to San Fran they will change their name again to the San Fran Social Justice Warriors, adopt pink as their team color and a picture of Pelosi’s fierce looking snatch as their logo. Maxine Latrine Waters will be the team mascot in a dubs SJW uniform with #45 on it to impeach Trump. They can market her as a talking gorilla but sadly as she can vocalize is Impeech Twump

  • The ‘Golden State Warriors’, the ‘Warriors’ or the ‘Dubs’…Why does it matter to anyone what someone else calls their favorite sports team. If that is the only thing you can find fault with, get a life.

  • Wow, did you see that? Swish, it was a 4-game drubbing by the Warriors. And why not, they are the most exciting team in basketball. I am a Denver transplant originally from The Bay Area. Total Nuggets fan now, but a piece of my heart still loves the Warriors. Saw Rick Barry win them a championship. But this current team is just awesome. A Raptor & a freight train all in one. Bang, another 3-pointer. They are a thrill to watch. Oh yeah GSW, as far as that ringer goes if Durant, or Curry, or James was on your team and crushed the competition, would you still consider that a mistake?! So now I am going to go have a little nightcap (Crown Royal anyone?) and linger in my euphoria. Happy trails. Oh by the way, no one asked but if there was one word to describe the Warriors I would have to say “BITCHIN’!

  • I love the Warriors! You guys are the BEST! I just came from a talk by Scarlett Lewis whose son was killed in his first grade class at Sandy Hook Elementary. He yelled Run! to his fellow classmates saving 8 or 9 children lives. Ms Lewis started a foundation named for her son. It’s called “Choose Love, not Hate”. In this world of differing views about so many subjects, I think it would do all of us to “Choose Love, not Hate” In our school district we are including this curriculum in every class. Ms. Lewis has written a book called “Nurturing, Healing, Love” These three words were the words her son wrote on the little blackboard on the Frig. as he left for school that tragic day. I dare you to read this book or go to where she is speaking. The statistics are amazing how this changes children thinking of what they can become and achieve. Wouldn’t this be a great program in our schools in our Bay Area? Read the book and tell me what you really think.
    Love you all.

  • Warriors stole calling themselves a nation from the Lakers. The Lakers were the first nba team to be called a nation as our fan base picked it up from the RaiderNation fans because the Raiders were in LA in the 90s. Since the Raiders and Lakers fan base was one in the same, it was only right for fans to refer to Lakers as a Nation. Warriors dont even have a loyal or global fan base to call themselves a nation. That would be the Lakers. Whether win or lose, we have a global fan base around the world and thats what being a part of a nation is all about.

    • Good point. When the Warriors moved from San Francisco to Oakland they couldn’t bring themselves to use “Oakland” in their name. hmmm…..

  • Golden State had a 4 star team, now it will be a 5 star. They could win it all with just Durant and Curry. But Green, Cousins and Thompson make A PEAT all but certain. Three history is happening with Durant, Curry, and Thompson. They can often “just shoot”.

  • Like it or not, approve of it or not, “Dubs” is simply a term of endearment created by the Warriors’ fans. Many teams, especially in baseball, have had informal or slang nicknames created by fans, sports writers, public-relations flacks, or the teams themselves. It’s most rewarding when it comes from the fans.

  • Dubs is also a cannabis reference. A dub is a twenty sack of cannabis, or a double dime bag, dime being $10. Because cannabis is quite popular on the SF Bay Area, the abbreviated name Dubs resonated with fans.

  • The Warriors being called the “Dubs” actually makes a lot more sense if you realize that, prior to relocating to Chase, back across in “the City”, they played at the Oakland Coliseum, where the “A’s” play…and, of course, the “A’s” have been known as the A’s forever (“the Athletics” doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue, lol). Oh, and also, calling San Francisco “the City” is also a contraction of it’s previous nickname, “the City by the Bay”.

  • I’m a big Fan of the Warriors but when I kept hearing “Dubs” I thought they were referring to the substitutes. The second five because the starters were hurt but now I see. I think. Thanks.

  • I think the Warriors should have Kept Jordan Poole and let Wiggins go. We liked watching Kerr play for the Jazz. Love basketball. Warriors are our favorite team.

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