Word Counter Keyword Density Feature

wordcounter keyword density feature

One of the many Word Counter features writers often find useful is “Keyword Density.” This feature can be found below the “Details” feature in the right sidebar of the website. Keyword Density gives writers an understanding of the words they are using most frequently which allows them to make any necessary adjustments to their word use frequency.

Keyword Density has a default setting for all those who come to the site for the first time. The ten words most frequently used words in the writing will appear in the sidebar excluding common words. For those who want more control over Keyword Density, you can make several changes to better customize it to your liking. To do this, you can click the options symbol directly to the left of the words “Keyword Density” in the right sidebar. You can also access the options by clicking on the Options Button (at the bottom right of the Word Counter text area), then clicking on “Keyword Density.”

Your first option is a checkbox which allows you to decide whether or not you want any keywords displayed or not. If keyword information isn’t useful to you, you can uncheck the box and they won’t display in your sidebar. If you want them to display, keep the checkbox checked.

The next option you have is to determine the number of keywords you want displayed in the sidebar. The default is 10 words, but you can increase or decrease that number to your desired level. For example, you could choose to only display the top 5 words by inputting “5” or you could display the top 20 words be entering “20.” You can change this as many times as you want depending on what you happen to be writing at the time.

The last option allows you to decide whether or not you want to include common words in the keyword density display. The default is to exclude these (such as I, am, he, she, your, etc.), but if you want to include them, you can check the box and they will show up.

By using the different options available, you can better customize the Keyword Density information to meet your specific writing needs. The information can be quite helpful for those who are writing for themselves or others with specific search engine optimization (SEO) goals in mind, but can also be quite useful to the average writer. Using this feature can help you see what words you may be using excessively so that you can vary them in your writing more. If nothing else, it can be interesting to see what words you use the most when you write.

We are always looking to improve the different aspects of this site. If you feel there is something we could do to make the Keyword Density feature better or more useful to writers, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment. Many of the current features were past recommendations from users and we do listen to the suggestions you offer.

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  • Nowadays blogging has become a passion and by this article you are helping lots of bloggers, me included. So I want to thank you for spending your time in creating this tool and helping us know the keywords of our writing.

  • I don’t think keyword density is as important as it was in the past. That being said, you don’t want to overstuff keywords when writing articles. If you write naturally, the keywords should take care of themselves and your articles should rank well. Write high quality content and you should be good!

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