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There may be certain times when instead of wanting to know the word count of your own writing, you'd like to know a website's word count. That is, you'd like to know the word count for a website without having to actually count all the words on the page by hand. Website Word Count is a tool which will do exactly that for you. It's a website word counter created specifically so you can find out the number of words on any page on the Internet. All you need to know is the URL of a web page, place it into the tool, and you can find out exactly how many words are on that page by hitting the "count" button. The tool will count the words on the website's page and instantly provide that number to you.

Even better, this website word counter will also provide you with a list of the keywords used on the page you request. Not only will you know how many word are written on the page, you'll also know the most common words used on the page. The keyword density list is broken down into two parts. On the left, the tool displays a list of the most common words used on the page entered. The list on the right documents the keyword density of the page excluding all commonly used words (this gives a better indication of what the main topic of the page happens to be, and the keywords used for that topic).

There are a number of ways this information might be valuable. Translators often want to know the number of words on a web page because it's common for them to charge clients by the number of words on the page they are translating, and not necessarily the number of words they write in the translated language or by the time they spend on it. For this reason, being able to quickly determine the word count of a page is important.

A reader may simply be curious to know how many words are on the pages of certain writers or bloggers they follow. A writer may also covet this information if they want to style their writing after another blogger or writer they admire. This information may be able to help them better build a website or blog they desire.

This tool can also be used to check the pages of your own website or blog. When you know which pages are the most popular on your own site, you can enter their URLs to see what number of words seems to perform best with the topics you write about. This can help you write content in the future that also brings more readers to see your writing.

It can also be of great help for those who write articles for websites and bloggers. For example, for those interested in SEO, they will be able to see the word count and keyword density for popular pages on the Internet on any topic about which they may be writing. This information can give them hints on how to better rank their own writing on that particular topic.

No matter the reason you decide to use this counter, it should provide you with valuable information you can use to better your writing in addition to the overall content for the blogs and websites for which you write. We are always looking to improve the counters we provide. If you have suggestions you feel would make this tool better, please use the "contact us" link at the top of this page to give us your suggestions.